Speaker Bio

Jake Sasseville

Executive Producer
Foot in Mouth Productions

For the Gen Y audience, 21-year-old Jake Sasseville is the man. Unscripted, offbeat and at times outrageous, he’s the new voice of the late-late-night talk show The Edge with Jake Sasseville, which debuted on 40+ ABC affiliate stations around the country on January 17, 2008. The show reached millions of households, including highly desirable college towns and the New York market via WWOR My9.

“My generation—Generation Y—has no one to speak for them,” he says from his TriBeCa office in Manhattan, where he’s the Executive Producer of Foot in Mouth Productions, Inc., and oversees a staff of 25. “My dad’s generation had David Letterman. My grandparents had Johnny Carson. So my generation can have Jake Sasseville.”

Jake started The Edge four years ago, when he was still in high school, living in his hometown of Lewiston, Maine. His motto? “Go anywhere, do anything, talk to anyone at anytime.” In 2004 Jake’s big break came when his cast and crew traveled to the set of Will and Grace. The segment aired on Fox TV in Maine, was tremendously profitable—it raked in 406% more than any other show in the market—and Jake was off and running.

In four short years, Sasseville has brought his show to New York and ABC affiliates from its humble beginnings on Maine public-access TV; traveled the world taping shows, including a trip to Africa that made the news on CNN; built a wide and diverse audience for the show from his tireless promotion, online social networking and blogs; attracted big-name advertisers anxious to reach the 18-to-34 crowd; and founded the Xander Foundation to help children in need. His sponsors currently include Ford Motor Company, Overstock.com, Red Bull, Bed Head and Blackberry.

Jake says, “I’m going to change the world and take my generation along for the ride.”